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Nintendo Wii Babysitting Mama Complete w/ Manual TESTED


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The player must complete activities based in the baby book of the chosen baby. There are six babies to choose from with different skin tones. All babies have a baby book with 6 pages to unlock. There are 36 pages throughout the game. If you finish the whole game, you can look at the photos of the babies with what they have done. If you don’t want to play by pages then you can choose the mini-games you want to play, but can only be unlocked by finishing the baby books. The player can choose their choice of baby. All activities must be unlocked throughout the game.

Each activities you do after finishing you receive a medal for how well you did: Gold is awarded for finishing the game without messing up or before the time ends. Silver is awarded after those who fail to finish before time runs out but did most or messed up a bit. Bronze is awarded to those who failed the whole game, barely did anything or messed up too much. At the end is the final results, if you got all gold medals, you may get a 100-point score with another gold medal. If you made some silver/most gold you get a silver medal. If you get bronze with silvers a bit of gold. you end up with bronze bad score. If you get so much bronze you may not get a medal at all.

As Mama always says, “Never shake the baby”. If doing so, a message appears on the screen saying, “don’t shake the baby”. This won’t affect medals but will freeze the game. All babies are unlocked after completing a baby book or finishing at least 4 pages. All mini-games are unlocked in the main game. Also, all activities in the mini-games require Nunchuck mainly. The baby may be happy or crying, depending on how well the player is taking care of it. There may be an interruption where a task must be done in a time limit. To play one part of a baby book page but not all, you can choose practice, it won’t keep score but gives you a chance to practice a baby activity.