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Logitech S150 - Digital Stereo Speaker System USB Connector 5.5W - Black (NEW)


USB power cable
  • Cable Length: 3.93 ft (120 cm)

Cable connecting speakers

  • Cable Length: 2.62 ft (80 cm)
  • Volume up and volume down buttons located on right speaker
  • Mute/unmute button located on right speaker
  • Power indicator light: Amber LED light on front of right speaker


    • Computer with available USB-A port

    Total watts (Peak): 2.0W
    Total watts (RMS): 1.2W
    USB-A input for power and audio

    • 2 speakers User documentation


    PN: 980-000028
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Product Detail

The Logitech S150 digital computer speakers are convenient and able to output crisp audio sound right out of the box. Unlike other models on the market, these USB speakers require only one USB port for both audio and power, saving you from added desktop clutter. These deceptively simple speakers feature a glossy finish, and three buttons for volume and mute control. While the Logitech S150 computer speakers are great for listening in the office or at home, they are also highly portable for use with laptops. With a frequency response of 90 hertz to 20 kilohertz, a power output of 1.2 watts combined, and USB connectivity, you cannot go wrong with this simple pair of speakers that delivers great sound. The Logitech S150 2.0 digital computer speakers are a good choice for budget-conscious consumers looking for easy portability with a USB connection. The speakers draw power and stream audio from a single USB cable. This is very convenient since you won’t have to use other connections or cables with your computer system. The speakers feature a standard-sized USB port and don’t have a 3.5 millimeter stereo audio jack, so they won’t work with your mobile phone or Apple iPad. This speaker system weighs only 1.12 pounds, and is easily portable for use with laptops, as well as for home computer users. The speakers are not wireless, but since they only require one cable, there is not much clutter. This set features a satellite base that has been designed for greater stability on your desk or worktop. There is no special software required to set up your Logitech S150 computer speakers, and they provide powerful multimedia sound right out of the box. One of the speakers features three buttons to control volume, or mute the sound altogether. There is an LED power indicator light on one of the speakers, so you can easily see that it’s working properly. Measuring 6.7 by 5.7 by 3 inches, the speakers are small enough to place behind your computer system or in the corners of your desk. The speakers come with a 47-inch USB cable that also transports digital audio signals. Requiring very little power to run, the Logitech S150 speakers won’t rapidly drain the battery charge on your laptop. They don’t require an AC adapter since you can plug them right into your computer systems USB port. These speakers have a total power rating of 1.2 watts RMS, and do come with an integrated woofer; there is no provision to add an external subwoofer. This speaker system features 2-inch drivers and a frequency response of 90 hertz to 20 kilohertz, providing a satisfying bass and treble performance. The Logitech S150 speakers do not have RCA ports, so that external amplifiers and AV receivers won’t work with this speaker unit. They don’t have earphone jacks, but this is rarely a problem since almost all laptops and computers feature a 3.5 millimeter stereo audio jack. The speakers are light and play notification sounds and music with impressive fidelity.