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Extech PH220 Waterproof Palm pH Meter Compact size - Device ONLY No Electrode


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Product Detail

PH220-C: Waterproof Palm pH Meter with Temperature

The Extech PH220-C pH Meter is a Palm pH. Microprocessor provides for Automatic Buffer recognition. Memory stores 25 readings. 

Large LCD displays pH or mV and temperature simultaneously. Does NOT Include cabled pH electrode.


  • PH220-C Kit to include ATC pH polycarbonate electrode (12 mm diameter) with 39-Inch (1 meter) cable
  • Large LCD displays pH or mV and Temperature simultaneously
  • Microprocessor provides for Automatic Buffer recognition
  • Memory stores 25 readings
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation via Pt-100 sensor built into electrode
  • Low Battery indicator and Auto Power off

From the manufacturer

  • Type: Cabled pH electrode
  • pH: 0.00 to 14.00pH
  • Max Resolution: 0.01pH, 1mV, 0.1°
  • Basic Accuracy: ±0.01pH, ±2mV, ±0.8°F/0.5°C

The Extech PH220-C is a palm sized, easy-to-operate pH meter that’s equipped with a 39” (1m) cabled polycarbonate electrode. Though compactly designed, the PH220-C is loaded with features including a large LCD screen that simultaneously displays pH or mV and temperature readings, a powerful microprocessor capable of performing automatic buffer recognition, automatic temperature compensation via the built-in electrode, and more.

Ideal for work in the field, the PH220-C pH tester can store up to 25 readings for analysis at a later time. It can be mounted onto a wall using the magnetic back for convenient hands-free use.

  • Complete with waterproof meter, cabled pH probe, protective holster, pH 4 &7 buffers (1 pouch ea.), and 9V battery.

Compact, Waterproof pH Meter

Easy-to-Read Display

This compact digital pH meter features a large LCD display that shows the pH level or mV reading as well as the temperature.

Store Up to 25 Readings

The PH220-C allows you to store up to 25 separate data points, ideal when working in environments not conducive to immediate analysis.

Ingenious Design

Though designed as a handheld water test kit, the PH220-C can also be wall mounted (via its magnetic back) as required. Completely waterproof thanks to its robust housing, this pH meter by Extech also includes a 39” (1m) cabled polycarbonate electrode and is specifically designed for fast response measurements.