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D-Link DIR-885L Dual Band Wireless Gigabit Cloud Performance Ultra Router AC3150


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Product Detail

D-Link AC3150 Dual Band Wireless Gigabit Ultra WiFi Router with MU-MIMO and 1.4GHz Dual Core Processor (DIR-885L/R)

  • Ultimate Wi-Fi performance with AC3150 Dual Band speeds (1,000 Mbps in 2.4GHz + 2,167 Mbps in 5GHz) for a ridiculously fast home network
  • Enjoy 4K/HD video and online gaming simultaneously with 4 x 4 data streams and 1024-NitroQAM technology
  • The powerful 1.4GHz Dual Core processor gives you incredibly fast wired and wireless speeds
  • Extreme Wi-Fi signal to multiple devices simultaneously with MU-MIMO technology
  • Advanced SmartConnect allocates the best possible band for optimal Wi-Fi performance
  • Advanced AC SmartBeam tracks your connected devices for enhanced Wi-Fi speed and range throughout your home
  • Intelligent QoS traffic optimization delivers seamless performance for your applications
  • Intuitive user interface for easy installation and network management from your mobile devices or desktop

From the manufacturer

Want Extreme Wi-Fi Coverage?

Four high-performance external antennas and high-power amplifiers will guarantee you stronger Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home.

Why You Want It

Advanced AC SmartBeam

1.4GHz Dual Core Processor

4x4 Datastreams


Advanced AC SmartBeam

Tracks your connected devices for enhanced Wi-Fi speed and range.

1.4GHz Dual Core Processor

Faster network speed for a more powerful router.

4×4 Datastreams

Supports 4 data streams for increased throughput.


Multi-user multiple input multiple output (MU-MIMO) – High-bandwidth Wi-Fi signal to multiple devices at the same time.

Dual-Band with a Kick

Dual-Band with a Kick

How about a dual-band wireless router with 4×4 data streams for faster Wi-Fi speeds? Independent data streams are delivered to each device on the network for speeds of up to 3,167Mbps (1,000 Mbps in 2.4GHz + 2,167 Mbps in 5GHz). Best performance for streaming your favorite movie or playing games with your friends.