Choosing a single computer out of myriads of models can seem like quite the decision to make. Do I need a laptop or desktop? Do I go Mac or Pc? Intel or amd? And the list goes on. 


When a new customer walks in looking for a new Laptop typically the first thing we ask them is simply “what will you be using the computer for primarily?” Based on the response we get, we can narrow down the search. “Do you need to be mobile? Or can you be stationary” In this example we will examine a customer who needs a laptop specifically for video editing. They prefer to use Final Cut Pro editing software. Based on data we can recommend the best possible macbook pro designed to handle the job that already has a long track record for reliability and performance . We also take into account other variables like the customers budget, how they will store their data, types of videos they’ll be editing among other things.


Or how about “I just need a laptop for work, email, and browsing the internet.” Even though this task could be accomplished with most computers out today, at Mo&Joe Electronics we recommend choosing something that has the performance to do a bit more than you intended to ensure that your computer will be up to different tasks as your workload evolves. Most of our computers for this reason start with an intel core i5 processor and up.


At Mo&Joe Electronics we are masters at finding the precise Computer for each and every client, as we all have different needs and priorities. Every customer from beginning to end gets a truly one on one treatment to ensure the computer’s capability to handle the job at hand and the job in the near future.