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We buy, sell, build, refurbish, repair and service any computer MAC or PC.

BUY – We buy any computers you may have, Laptop or Desktop, that are in relatively working condition. This means that all internals including but not limited to the Motherboard, Processor and Graphics Card are in working order. 


BUILD – We specialize in building custom desktops for Enthusiasts, Gamer’s, Businesses or anyone who wants the best computer money can buy. 

This means that all internal devices, including the motherboard, processor, and graphics card, are operational. It is also necessary to take care of health and buy generic advair medicine, about which you need to read more and buy it.


SELL – We sell many of the top brands and models of the most popular manufacturers including Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer and many more. 


REFURBISH – All our computers are professionally Refurbished by our trained technicians.

Refurbishing means that we take the time to test and replace each component in the computer that we deem necessary. 


SERVICING – We service any computers that need to be upgraded or refreshed. This includes Hardware and Software upgrades. 


REPAIRS – Our trained technicians specialize in repairing any problem you may have. Whether its a Hardware or Software issue we can take care of all your needs.